This Is the Barn We Will Be Rebuilding to Provide Shelter for Our Rescues.

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Our team has dedicated ourselves to helping lost dogs, no matter what their situation may be. Some dogs have loving families who are heartbroken by their disappearance and beyond grateful upon their return. Not all of the dogs we help are this fortunate. Some of the dogs we capture are truly, “homeless”. Abandoned. “Dumped”. Left on the side of a road, in the woods, out with the trash. Currently, our plan of action is to capture the dog, take it to a holding area (one of our volunteer’s garage or basement), and then scramble to find a proper shelter licensed to accept a “stray”. Currently, most shelters are full, and we are often turned away. Our resources are limited. Our equipment is inadequate. So, “Team RUBY”, made a decision to do it better. We were given an unbelievable gift. One of our co-founders is allowing “RUBY inc” to build a modest SANCTUARY (a licensed kennel) on their agricultural farm in Bucks County, Pa. This will allow RUBY to collect these “dumped dogs” on our own terms. We will capture, shelter, give medical care, rehabilitate and re-home them, all within one organization. We will be as self-sufficient as possible. The good news is that the land already has a barn on it. The bad news is, this, pictured here, is the current condition of the barn. It needs a LOT of work, and we are flat broke! Please help us! Please help us make this dream a reality. We all have the chance to be part of something great! PLEASE DONATE to this cause. We are a recognized non-profit organization in Pa and donations made within Pennsylvania are tax deductible. Unfortunately, out of state donations are not, until we are processed with the IRS (we are waiting).

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