About US

Our Mission Statement

A lost greyhound named RUBY brought our team of dedicated volunteers together in the efforts to bring her home. From that effort, RUBY the lost Greyhound, inc. was born to aide in the recovery of missing, lost, stray, abandoned and “dumped” dogs. Our number one priority at RUBY the Lost Greyhound, Inc. is the well-being of the roaming dog. Our goal is to provide assistance to individuals, families, townships, law enforcement, and any other entity involved with a missing or wandering dog. Our abilities include, but are not limited to, providing an outline on what to do immediately upon a pet going missing, creating and posting flyers and posters, organizing volunteers, satellite map analysis, on-foot searching, luring and trapping, and finally caring for and then reuniting pets with families or rehoming them when necessary. Our objective is to establish an unprecedented feeling of comfort for our Pet owners. We will ensure the highest levels of search, rescue, safety and personal service possible to protect and retrieve their beloved pets. In the case of abandoned or “dumped” dogs, our main concern is the safety of the dog. Upon capture we will provide vetting, a safe and warm environment, good nutritious meals, nurturing and all the love they deserve until we find them a new, forever home.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible!

Board of Directors:
Jennifer McAfee (President/Founder)
Suzy Sora (Vice President)
Julie Metzger (Treasurer)
Robyn Colajezzi (Secretary)
Beth Talierco
Rebecca Olesen